The Italian Job

02 June 2016
Italy 005bDSC_3156.jpg
"A man who has not been in Italy is always conscious of an inferiority." Samuel Johnson

Team ADP were lucky enough to be posted to Italy on a secret mission. Dark sunglasses and focaccia at the ready... 

Our ultimate destination: the stunning fishing village of Portofino.

Timeout, so off to explore the beautiful old town of Varazze, where medieval streets meet Baroque architecture. 

Italy 006DSC_3177.jpg
Italy 012DSC_3283.jpg

Even the subways in Varazze were beautiful and this short underpass delivers pedestrians safely from the beach to the town. The art installations here reminded us of the integral importance of art and culture to Italy. Even the energetic children in this shot stopped by to admire the work.

The seafront in Varazze was an interesting blend of old, ramshackle shipyards with a fresh, modern marina.

Italy 003DSC_3124.jpg

On route to Portofino via the lovely harbour of Santa Margherita...

Italy 027DSC_3414.jpg
Italy 028DSC_3415.jpg

Here, once again, the fishing boats rub shoulders with stately yachts. But it's at night when this place really comes alive.

Italy 091DSC_3732.jpg
Italy 087DSC_3723.jpg

Nothing artificial was done to this image, above. The sea really did look like that! Blue LEDs from under the pontoon created this striking effect.

Italy 088DSC_3725.jpg

The next day called for a short walk to destination Portofino. A beautiful walkway etched into the cliff formed part of our route.

Italy 056DSC_3589.jpg
Italy 080DSC_3701.jpg

The beautiful restaurants which now line the village of Portofino. The view from the sea was even more beautiful...

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